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Open your eyes

Look closely, because the logo guarantees that the product with a designation of origin has a story of hard work, tradition and quality behind it.

So much to enjoy when they have a special place at your table.

PDO Scheme

This logo identifies a product as being from a specific place of origin with a unique connection to a geographical area, essential to the quality or features of the product. Plus, all the stages of production occur only in that specific area.

PGI Scheme

This logo identifies a product as being from a specific place of origin and uniquely linked to a geographical area, essential to obtaining a certain level of quality, prestige or other features of the product. At least one stage of production takes place in this specific area.

“Products that bear these logos are inextricably linked to a specific geographic place of origin. The setting lends the product its unique features. Differentiated quality seals acknowledged by the EU that stand behind products with a guarantee of origin, prestige and tradition. Logos that also contribute to the development of the primary sector and to protecting the environment in these geographic areas of production.”

origin · tradition · quality · guarantee


These products are linked to a specific geographic origin in which the territory has always lent the product its unique qualities. In fact, the name of the product links it to that particular place. In addition, these products contribute to rural development and the environmental protection of these geographic areas of production.


Products with a PDO or PGI logo come from a specific place where a number of certain environmental conditions prevail and the local population has a distinctive set of cultural traits. Biodiversity, sustainable development, optimal use of resources, to name a few, plus the unique “know-how” of the farmer or livestock breeder.


These are foods that stand out for their unique and differentiated features which are key to substantiating their origin, the raw materials used, production processes and organoleptic features. Consumers can readily see that these unique products convey the flavour of a specific place of origin, means of production, monitoring and controls, traditions, etc.


Producers must comply with a very specific set of requirements and commit to maintain the highest possible level of quality as well as retain certain traditional means of production. In exchange, they get legal protection against similar products made in other regions, even those using the same ingredients and production processes.