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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Upon first visiting this website, you will see a banner appear, informing you of the existence of non-exempt cookies as well as explaining their main purpose, the entity responsible for their use and installation and lastly, to advise the user of the fact that by continuing to browse the website, it is implicitly understood that the user consents to the use of cookies.

Likewise, ORIGEN ESPAÑA has created the present Cookie Policy in order to broaden the scope and detail of information contained in the initial informative banner. Our aim is to inform you about what cookies are, the types of cookies used on this website and how they can be managed, depending on the features of your browser and the device used to browse the website (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

We remind you that the present Cookie Policy appears permanently on the lower part of the web page, should you wish to consult it on future occasions.

Lastly, we would like to remind you that by continuing to browse this website or should the need arise to register on it, this shall be considered as lending your consent to the installation of these cookies unless you have changed the settings on your browser to the contrary. Nevertheless, users may change their browser settings at any time in accordance with their preferences.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded onto the device from which the website has been accessed (i.e. a computer, smartphone or tablet) and allows the owner of the website to store or recover certain information about a number of variables. For instance, to determine the number of times the user has visited the page, to identify registered users, to ensure the user session remains accessible while the user browses the page, to allow for safe and stable transactions to take place, etc.

Types of cookies

The information provided below is to inform you about the types of cookies used on our website:

Depending on the entity that manages them

Depending on which entity manages the domain from which the cookies are sent and processes the data that is obtained, there are several types:

First-party (own) cookies: those cookies sent to the user’s terminal from the domain www.abrelosojosydisfruta.es and managed by ORIGEN ESPAÑA as editor of the website.

Third-party cookies: those cookies sent to the user’s terminal from a domain not managed by the editor, but rather by another entity. Our website does not have cookies of this type sent from third-party domains.

Depending on the amount of time cookies remain activated on the terminal or device

Session cookies: these cookies are designed to gather and store data while the user browses the website. As their name indicates, these cookies are stored on the terminal until the user’s browsing session ends.

Persistent cookies: these cookies allow data to be stored on the terminal for access or handling for a period of time defined by the cookie manager and which may range from a number of minutes to several years.

Depending on its purpose/finality

Technical cookies: these are cookies that allow the user to browse the website and make use of different options or services such as traffic control and data communication, session ID, access restricted areas, register to participate in an event or take part in a promotional activity, use security elements while browsing, store content for the dissemination of video/audio or share content on social media platforms.

Analytics cookies: these cookies are designed and used for follow-up and analysis of user behaviour. This type of cookie allows the website owner to measure website activity by means of aggregated information or of a statistical nature.

At www.abrelosojosydisfruta.es use is made of analytics, session and persistent cookies for this purpose. Namely, Google Analytics cookies with different expiration periods, based on the type of information they provide, are used.

For more information:

You can disable the use of this type of cookie by accessing Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

Who uses cookies?

The information gathered by the cookies downloaded from the domain www.abrelosojosydisfruta.es is used by the owner of the website, ORIGEN ESPAÑA, and by Google Inc. as the service provider of analytical services and advertising.

Managing cookies

In addition to the information provided above in the present Cookie Policy, we offer the following information about managing the cookies used in www.abrelosojosydisfruta.es by changing the settings on the most commonly used browsers (Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry).

Please be aware that if the user refuses all the website’s cookies from being installed, some of the functionalities and website contents may be affected.

All browsers allow users to manage cookie settings and determine their installation on a given website. Likewise, users can obtain information about their duration and the option to disable, restrict, block or eliminate cookies.

The user may change the browser settings on his/her terminal or device, whether it be a computer, smartphone or tablet. Generally speaking, browsers offer the following setting options regarding cookie installation:

The browser may reject all cookies and, therefore, no cookie will be installed from any website on the user’s terminal.

The browser may warn the user before any cookie is installed so that the user can decide whether or not he/she accepts the installation of cookies.

The browser rejects only third-party cookies from websites visited but not those used by the website the user is currently browsing.

The browser setting known as “private-browsing mode” by which cookies are installed on the terminal but automatically deleted when the user leaves the website:

By clicking on the browser trade names below, you will be redirected to the corresponding informative link about how cookies are managed on each of the most commonly used browsers:

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